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Lockhart, TX 78644
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Lots of fun activites are here for you in Lockhart Texas. Take a look below to find your favorite!

Lockhart State Park

Great hiking trails and a really nice place to just cool off. The Lockhart State Park is located at 4179 State Park Road and one of only a few state parks that offer a golf course. Built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930's, the nine-hole course follows the slopes along and above Clear Fork Creek. The CCC also constructed the park's recreational hall, which sits on a bluff above the golf course. During hot summer months, a swimming pool offers a cool escape, and visitors are welcome to cast a fishing line in the creek. Also available are campsites with water and electric or full hookups, group picnic area with tables and grills and short hiking trails. To contact the Lockhart State Park directly call 512-398-3479.

City of Lockhart

The City of Lockhart has an extensive network of sidewalks connecting 10 city parks to each other. They include amenities such as Covered Pavilions, Playscapes, Picnic Tables, BBQ Pits, Baseball and Softball fields, Soccer fields, Bleachers, Volleyball Courts, Basketball Courts, a Skateboard Park, Jogging and Walking Tracks, a City Pool, Restrooms, Spring Fed Creeks and a Fishing Pond. For more information about the Parks in the City of Lockhart, call 512-398-6452 or go by the Parks and Recreation office at 705 Wichita Street, Lockhart, TX 78644.

The City has six miles of pedestrian walkways that connect schools, parks, and the historic central business district. The Lockhart Springs Walkway is a system of sidewalks and hike/bike trails made up of concrete paths and is ADA compliant. Enjoy a leisurely stroll from S. Commerce Street to Pecos Street between two parks.

Maverick Horseback Riding

5766 Balcones Dr, Austin, TX 78731 Phone : (512) 230-8413

30 minutes from Austin * 45 minutes from Round Rock * 30 minutes from San Marcos *1 hour from San Antonio * 45 minutes from Wimberly *45 minutes from New Braunfels * 50 minutes from downtown Georgetown *2 hours from Houston

WE TRAVEL!!! Click the following to check out trail riding opportunities at Parrie Haynes in Killeen , Pundt Park in Houston , Pioneer Farms in Austin and McKinney Roughs in Bastrop . We have folks interested in a trip to Dallas. You can get on an email or text list to be notified once every few months when we are traveling to your area.

Trail-Based Lessons

We offer trail based riding lessons to Austin-area individuals and travelers 7 days a week. We have three trail ride options available. All trail rides will include an introduction to the horse you are riding, and education about safety on the ground. We will also begin the process of explaining “pressure and release” from the ground, so that riders will be better equipped to steer and maneuver their horse in a way that is safe for them and comfortable and healthy for the horse. Enjoy our 105 acre ranch, with wooded and open areas, elevation changes, and beautiful photo opportunities. We have seen many animals out on our rides, including deer, rabbits, white egrets, great blue heron, wildflowers and butterflies and even a skunk!

***48 hours cancellation notice required for weekday horseback rides.

72 hours cancellation notice required for weekend trail rides***

Click here for the Frequently Asked Questions Page

Introductory Trail

This trail lesson is ideal for small children as a one-on-one experience that lasts 30-45 minutes. Children ages from 3-7 will enjoy our patient, friendly guides who clearly enjoy what they do! We are great with children, and we love to share our affinity for horsemanship with young people. $45

Family Ride

The family lesson is ideal for folks who have younger children who want to do a longer ride than the intro, but who will require ponying (being led). Large families and groups of children can be led by hand walkers as well as mounted instructors. You will enjoy views of our creek, wetlands, 1.5 acre pond, woods and open pastures. Ride approximately 45 minutes. Total time is 1.25 hrs. $75

Ranch Ride

Almost all riders will enjoy this trail, which lasts about an hour and 15 minutes to an hour and a half. This lesson is suitable for most beginners, including children and most families. We have great photo opportunities, and we are happy to help you save this powerful memory by taking pictures for you. Enjoy outstanding views from three distinct elevation peaks. Take a little splash in our creek or pond for an refreshing cool down for the horse. Ride about 1.25 hours, total time 2 hours. $100

Click here for photos of the Ranch Ride

River Ride

The River Ride is a great way to cool off, but be ready because you might get wet! Just kidding, you don't have to get wet if you don't want to. We have various water crossings available, and so individuals who do not want to go into deep water can still enjoy the pure bliss of walking through the creek bed. It's lovely. More adventurous riders will enjoy hills, a fabulous water crossing that has a portion where we can take the horses swimming and trotting opportunities. Take a look at the water crossing in photos of the Barbecue Ride, below. If you are fairly certain you want to trot and swim with the horses, we recommend you schedule a group ride. We will never force individuals of a group to trot and swim if they are not comfortable. Even if in good sportsmanship they say they'll do it, it'a bout comfort level. We can tell when someone isn't comfortable, and so can the horses. Either way though, the photos will be to die for and you'll have a memory that will last a lifetime. Ride 1.5-2 hours, total time 2.5-3 hours. $125

Barbecue Ride

This ride is a great option for outgoing, outdoorsy beginners or folks with some previous riding experience. Children as young as 7 have participated in the Barbecue Ride. The Barbecue Ride covers everything on the River Ride and then a trip into downtown Lockhart. Ride through the city and enjoy a step back into time. For the Barbecue Ride, stronger height-to-weight ratios apply. Please contact us for more information! Ride about 2+ hours, take a break for Barbecue and of course take part in grooming activities before the ride. Total time about 4 hours. $200

Click here for photos of the Barbecue Ride

Don't forget!

Before and after your lesson on the trail, or those who want to come be a part of the experience but don't want to take to the saddle will enjoy beautiful scenic lounging spaces. Fish from our 1.5 acre pond, enjoy bird watching, or bring some refreshments to enjoy at out picnic tables. We promise, you'll be so at home, you won't even want to leave!

*It's so much more than a trail ride*

What is a lesson on the trail?

Frequently Asked Questions Page

Horseback Riding Lessons

We have several options available for private sessions. Come enjoy an introductory lesson in Western or English equitation. Instructors have a plethora of experiences to draw from, and will teach you everything you need to know about riding, from the ground up. We take a whole-horsemanship approach. Students will learn what is necessary to care for their equine both on the ground and while mounted. Sessions are private.

Private 1/2 hour $45

Private 1 hour $75

Private 1.5 hour $100

Frequently Asked Questions Page

***48 hours cancellation notice required for weekday horseback rides.

72 hours cancellation notice required for weekend trail rides***


Summer camp is a time to GET OUTSIDE, get away from the constant bombardment of media, and enjoy the beauty that this world offers us. But as parents, we also want our children to enjoy a safe, educational experience where they can learn and grow, with opportunities to better understand themselves as individuals and as part of a bigger community of people and living beings.

For three years we contracted trails to a summer program in Hutto. We are so excited to be offering our own summer camp for Summer 2017. We offer 1.5 hours of mounted time, 1.5 hours of unmounted time and demonstrations with the horses at a minimum, rain or shine. And your children are going to *love* our horse-related activities, from outstandingly prepared tutorials on arts and crafts, to Spanish introduction using the ranch and nature walks, visitors to demonstrate a variety of skills to get your children thinking about balance, poise and decision making as it applies to working around a horse ranch. Everything is integrated into horseback riding and horse handling.

Our camp program is directed by Joan Marie MacCoy, who has over twenty years of experience teaching children of many walks of life. MacCoy is a lover of children and animals, and will not only get your children wondering about the wonders around them, but wanting to wander, explore and become lifelong lovers of nature and culture.

Because MacCoy has worked with horse trainers from 6 different countries, she has a variety of experience to share with your children. Horseback riding is all about consistency, patience and communication. These are the same principles that arise in working in an ever-growing global community. We will integrate these principles in all that we do with your children, from handling our animals to putting their own best selves into what they do during the entire day.

No surly teens running around on cell phones at our camp. Camp counselors are chosen not because they were born into a life privileged to own and ride horses on a regular basis, but because they demonstrate a desire to not only become better riders and horsemen in general, but also because they love what they do and want to SHARE their knowledge with those around them


We do this FREE of charge, and will put them on our FACEBOOK page free of charge. If you would like pictures emailed to you, the cost is $25. This is a service we offer because we know that people love horse photos, and we want to fulfill that need. That being said, we politely request that you limit your photos with your own camera or phone to unmounted portions of your visit. This is an obvious safety request. Thanks so much for your understanding.

If you would like to schedule a photo shoot or filming opportunity, please Contact Us for more information!

Horse Photography

Contact Us

We are happy to provide you with information on pricing, horseback riding lessons, horse training, boarding and whatever else you may need. Feel free to contact us to find out how we can serve your needs.

Click here .

Frequently Asked Questions Page

About Us

We are a community-based management company that attempts to serve the local community as well as travelers in the Austin-area. We make consistent efforts to get involved with those we wish to serve, by asking them about what services they want and need. If you would like to get more involved with this ever-evolving company, please Contact Us . We love to hear from one-time riders as well as regulars about what we can do to improve our services.

We are a for-profit company with non-profit hear strings. Owner MacCoy, was trained in community-based management at East Carolina University and this had a major impact on how she approaches running a ranch and horseback riding company. Her experiences riding trails and training in Costa Rica, Guatemala and North Carolina led her to Lockhart, Texas, which she happily considers the home she knew was there for her, she just had to find it.

Maverick Horseback Riding hopes to have a positive impact on the local community by creating sustainable riding opportunities for youth and special needs riders in the area. If you are interested in partnering with Maverick Riding, just reach out to us and we will be happy to collaborate with you.

Volunteer Opportunities

We understand that learning to ride takes a huge time and financial commitment. That's why we offer packages to regulars who want to learn all the ins and outs of horseback riding. Even with packages, some families or adults may not be able to afford riding. We have a volunteer program to help you.

Have extra time and looking to spend it outdoors, with horses and friendly faces? We have space for volunteers at our Austin-based ranch in Lockhart, TX, just 30 minutes south of the center of downtown Austin, and 45 minutes south of Round Rock.

Contact Us for more information and visit our Volunteer Page .

Special Needs Services

We cater to individuals of all ages and skills. Our horseback riding services are ideal for individuals with special needs who do not need the assistance of riding gear to stay upright.

We do happily provide sidewalkers when necessary, and have aided a variety of individuals with special needs from blind and low vision, hearing impaired, spectrum disorders and a variety of social, learning and physical challenges.

For general information, please Contact Us directly.

Trainer Joan Marie MacCoy has worked with spectrum individuals for over 10 years. Her work began in North Carolina as a tutor and habilitation technician for children and young adults with autism and spectrum disorders. Because of her patience, consistency, firm directions and clear ability to communicate with a wide variety of individuals, MacCoy is adept at helping children and adults with autism on the path of self-improvement through work with horses and riding experiences. For more information about our services for spectrum individuals, click here .

Austin Homeschool Opportunities

Texas is a state that offers a lot of freedom to homeschooling families. In the past, we have really enjoyed working with homeschoolers for one-time rides as well as collaborative efforts to create integrated, volunteer-based experiences that involve horsemanship. If you are a homeschool family or group and you would like to work with us on an idea you have, please visit our page for Austin Area Homeschoolers and Contact Us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions Page

Our FAQs Page has information about what to bring, what to wear, our Equine Release Waiver , our cancellation policy, how to get to us, how to book, and more! Please take a look before you come.

Lone Star Gun Range

3795 Dry Creek Rd, Lockhart, TX 78644 Phone : (512) 801-2624

We are a premier gun range, open to the public! We have the largest selection of gun rentals in Central Texas! Travelers through Austin, Welcome. Each rental includes a lesson on how to handle, function and fire the gun. Great for bachelor parties, family reunions and cooperate events. We are OPEN ALL major holidays except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Easter Day and ALL Tuesdays. Click here to buy a 1 year pass to the range.

Gun Range and Training Classes

*Security Officer Level III and IV Training

Our courses meet all the necessary requirements for receiving the certification necessary to turn into the Private Security Bureau. Our PSB license # F-01052.
View Security Officer Training Class »

*Security Officer Continuing Education

Our courses meet all the necessary requirements for receiving the certification necessary to turn into the Private Security Bureau. Our PSB license # F-01052.
View Security Officer Continuing Education Class »

*Federal Law Enforcement Training Pistol Course

Does your Security company need a range Instructor to certify its Security Officers in the Federal Law Enforcement Practical Pistol Course? We have NRA Law Enforcement Certified Instructors available and already certified for several of the Federal and Government accounts in Austin.
View Federal Law Enforcement Training Pistol Course »

*License to Carry and Concealed Handgun

Our courses meet all the necessary requirements for receiving the certification necessary to turn into the Texas Department of Public Safety with your application for your License to Carry and Concealed Handgun.
View License to Carry and Concealed Handgun Training Class »

*Additional Classes

*Retired Federal or Out-of-State Officers

If you are a Retired Federal Officer or an Out of State Licensed Peace Officer you may qualify for a license to carry concealed through TCLEOSE. Click on the link and it will take you to the application.
View NRA Sanctioned Courses »

*Public Gun Range

Gun Range Hours & Pricing

The store and range is open rain or shine at 9am and we close at 7pm OR DUSK whichever comes first.

We are closed Tuesdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

Last check in is 1 hour before closing time.

Last Magazines are 15min prior to closing and final cease-fire 10 min prior to closing.

Every person who is on the property must sign in no matter if they are shooting or not, there is no charge if you are just here to spectate.
Every person on property MUST check in with office upon arrival. No exceptions.

Range fees

We are open to the public

Adult Day Pass is $15.00 for use of all the ranges listed below.

CHILDREN under 18 years are FREE.

Year pass adult: $100.00

Price includes access to:

Members that have paid the yearly access fee and registered are allowed to use the range during our normal business hours. We are closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Easter and every Tuesday. We do NOT have a guest or family plan.

All uniformed Law Enforcement Officers have access during normal business hours. All officers in uniform AND who fall under the insurance and responsibility of the department they represent have no charge. This does NOT include groups or group training only individual shooters! Check with management about group training or qualification pricing for departments that fall under this policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you outdoor or indoor?
We are an outdoor range. Most of our ranges have covered shooting positions.

We are from out of state or out of country can we come to your range to shoot?
Yes you may shoot at our range. The only thing required is a good form of identification such as a drivers license or passport and to be safe on the range.

Can we shoot FMJ or hollow point?
Yes, the only ammo we are currently not allowing is tracer ammo or illegal ammo. State and federal law dictate illegal ammo.

Can we draw from our holster?
Yes, as long as you DO NOT muzzle flash yourself or someone else.

Can we rapid fire?
Yes, as long as you can control shots on target and hit both the target accurately and backstop. There are

specific ranges for rapid fire.

What age does my child have to be?
ALL MINORS MUST be within arm reach of an adult at ALL times when on the property and not just on the firing ranges. As a parent you are responsible for determining the age to when your own child can practice safety and follow rules while on the range. The Lone Star Gun Range staff reserves the right to tell anyone to leave not following the arms reach rule.

Can we shoot full auto or class 3 items?
Only Law enforcement is currently allowed to shoot full auto. All other class 3 items are allowed.

Can we shoot black powder?
Yes we do allow black powder. You must follow all safety rules and regulations.

Can we shoot shotguns?
Our shotgun range is now open. We ONLY ALLOW BIRDSHOT on the shotgun range. No slugs, no buckshot, no exceptions. You must check in with the office before heading out to the shotgun range. It, like our other ranges, is first come first served.

Is there a caliber or firearm restriction?
None other than the full auto listed above.

Do you have restrooms available?
Yes we have a complete facility with indoor restrooms, drinks and some snacks.

Do you sell ammunition?
Yes we do have some. Must be 21 to purchase handgun ammo and 18 for rifle and shotgun. Call to verify we carry the caliber you are interested in.

Do you sell or provide eye and ear protection?
Yes we both provide and sell eye and ear protection. Unlike most ranges our prices on for sale items are very reasonable.

Can we bring our own targets?
Yes you can bring any paper target to staple to our target stands. We also have various selections of targets for sale.

Do you charge by the hour or gun?
Neither, we charge per person. We have both day passes and also 12 month passes.

Do you rent Firearms?
Yes we have firearms for rent. Rental cost is currently $10 for firearm and then $5 for any additional firearm. You will be required to purchase our ammunition to fire from our firearms. Call for current pricing on AMMO! Individuals taking possession of handgun for rental MUST be 21 and for rifle and shotgun you must be 18.

Can we pick up our brass?
Yes you may pick up YOUR brass. HOWEVER, this does not mean you can take as much as you want. You are only allowed to pick up the same amount you shoot. To avoid any confusion on this matter please notify staff if you intend on collecting your own brass.









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