2001 S Colorado St
Lockhart, TX 78644
(512) 398-4911


The City of Lockhart

The City of Lockhart is chartered as a home rule city in the State of Texas. Local government is administered through a council-manager form of government. Citizens are represented on the City Council by seven elected Councilmembers; four from single Councilmember districts, two At-Large Positions, and a Mayor, who is elected At-Large. The Council appoints one of its members as a Mayor Pro-Tem to chair the council in the absence of the Mayor. The Mayor is recognized as the head of city government for ceremonial and emergency purposes and is a voting member of the Council.

The City Council responsibilities include setting policy, adopting local ordinances, setting the tax rate, approving the budget and approving major land transactions. The Council also appoints citizen members of Boards and Commissions, the City Manager, Municipal Judge, and the City Attorney.

Lockhart's Mayor and Councilmembers are elected for three year staggered terms. The next election is in November 2016 for the positions of Districts 1 and 2 and Two At-Large positions.

You may contact all council members through e-mail or by calling City Hall at 398-3461.

City of Lockhart Phone Directory & Contact Information

City Department Addresses: (Lockhart, TX 78644)
Department Physical Address Mailing Address
Administration/City Manager/City Council/City Secretary 308 W. San Antonio St. PO Box 239
Animal Shelter 547 Old McMahan Road PO Box 239
Development Services 308 W. San Antonio St. PO Box 239
EMS 214 Bufkin Lane PO Box 239
Economic Development 308 W. San Antonio St. PO Box 239
Electric 214 Bufkin Lane PO Box 239
Finance 308 W. San Antonio St. PO Box 239
Fire 201 W. Market St. PO Box 239
Library 217 South Main St. PO Box 239
Municipal Court 1914 W. San Antonio St. 1914 W. San Antonio St.
Parks & Recreation 705 Wichita St. PO Box 239
Personnel/Human Resources 308 W. San Antonio St. PO Box 239
Police 214 Bufkin Lane PO Box 239
Public Works/Streets 705 Wichita PO Box 239
Technology Center 217 South Main St PO Box 239
Utility Billing/Customer Services 308 W. San Antonio St. PO Box 239
Water/Wastewater 705 Wichita PO Box 239

City Department Fax Numbers:
Austin Metro Lines (512) 376-2910
(512) 376-6757
City Hall Local Number (other department #s listed below) (512) 398-3461
City Hall's Fax Line (512) 398-5103
EMS Fax Line (512) 398-3405
Finance Fax Line (512) 398-5981
Planning Dept. Fax Line (512) 398-3833
Police Dept. Fax Line (512) 398-3393
Public Works Fax Line (512) 398-9134
Utility Billing Fax Line (512) 398-4196

City Hall Extensions (512) 398-3461
Title Name Ext
Accounts Payable/Office Assistant Mari Moseley 241
Assistant City Planner Laura DeVore 240
Assistant to Economic Development Dir. Andrea Davila 251
Building Official Shane Mondin 234
City Manager Vance Rodgers 224
City Planner Dan Gibson 236
City Secretary/Administrative Services Manager Connie Constancio 235
Code Enforcement/Health Sanitation Officer Michael Barker 238
Controller Stephanie House 229
Customer Service Coordinator Nancy Tamayo 230
Customer Service Supervisor Emma Rocha 231
Development Services Assistant Yvette Aguado 237
Director of Finance Jeff Hinson 232
Economic Development (Interim) Vance Rodgers 224
Human Resources/Civil Service Director Julie Bowermon 244
Mayor Lew White 225
Personnel/Payables Bertha Parra 227
Planning/GIS Technician Christine Banda 243
Receptionist Elizabeth Cash 221
Staff Accountant Robert Eggimann 228
Utility Cashier Corina Vasquez 245
Utility Cashier Liz O'Balle 222
Utility Cashier Megan Johnson 223

Other City Departments
Dr. Eugene Clark Library
Director of Library Services Bertha Martinez 512-398-3223
Fax Number 512-398-8316

Electric Department
Electric Superintendent Bobby Leos 512-398-6117
Electric Crew Foreman Terry Sharpe 512-398-6117

Fire Department
Fire Marshal Vacant
Fire Chief Joseph Gorman 512-398-2321
Fax Number 512-620-0001

Municipal Court
Municipal Court Manager Bonnie Townsend 512-376-9469
Fax Number 512-620-0150

Public Safety
Animal Control Lee Weatherford 512-376-3336
Chief of Police Michael Lummus 512-398-4401
EMS Director Erik Olufs 512-398-7320
Police Captain John Roescher 512-398-4401

Public Works Department
Public Works Director Lee Weatherford 512-398-6452
Parks & Cemetery Manager Chris Sager 512-398-6452
Fax Number 512-398-9134

Technology Center
City Training Coordinator Mark Diaz 512-398-3223

Water/Wastewater Department
Fax Number 512-398-5039
Water/Wastewater Superintendent Sean Kelley 512-398-3615
Water/Wastewater Supervisor Joe Chavira 512-398-3615


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